Spring Fashion Trends You Should Know in 2019

Spring Fashion Trends to Watch Out For

As winter gradually ends and the temperatures begin to change and get warmer, you’ve probably noticed fashion trends changing alongside the season. Whether you’re looking forward to a fun spring break or just warmer weather in general, this 2019 fashion trend forecast guide will let you know what trends you should be looking out for this spring.

Bright Colors

You may be familiar with the sight of wide-legged trousers and oversized blouses. However, this spring, expect to see plenty of bright colors and two-piece outfits being worn all throughout this season. The modeling world was very spot on with this trend as well, with fluid, looser, and colorful outfits being worn all over the catwalk.

Oversized Hats

That's right! If you enjoy wearing large hats whether it's at the beach or simply running errands, then this a trend that you will enjoy. If you’re an Instagram addict, it would be unlikely for you not to spot one or two of these large brimmed hats being worn.

The good news, many brands have caught on to this trend and they should be seen in most of your favorite stores.

White Dresses

Get ready to enjoy those light, breezy white dresses for warmer days. Many designers have been hard at work crafting these dresses. However, don’t worry about wearing the same dress as your friend, because there are plenty of options to choose from. The runway showcased these white dresses with varying cuts and sleeve styles. Be on the lookout to find the perfect white dress for your closet.

Varying or Clashing Prints

Believe it or not, the fashion world is taking a leap towards the unexpected with this one. Not too long ago, you may have shied away from mixing cheetah print fabrics with a striped shirt. However, now according to the catwalk, you can wear whatever fabrics you want!

Loose Shorts

You may be familiar with the popular trend of cycling shorts that has dominated most of 2018. You might have even worn these shorts yourself. However, a new trend is on the horizon. Prepare to see loose, knee-length shorts instead. We’re not complaining – they’re super comfortable anyway!

Shirt Dresses

Shirt Dresses have been all over the runway, and it's already well poised to be the next thing in everyone's closet. With varying patterns and loose materials, shirt dresses are meant to be something easy to throw on. What makes them so great however, is the fact that you can dress them up or dress them down. These shirt dresses can be paired with sneakers, heels, or sandals.

Tie Dyed Outfits

If you attended any form of summer camp as a child, then this trend should not be new to you. Yes, it’s true. Designers have sent tie-dyed shirts, jackets, and pants down the runway, and the childhood trend is coming back. You've already seen Paisley Raye introduce this trend in our line of Jade thumbhole tops

2019 Fashion Trend Forecast: Trends You Should Know | Simple Sass BoutiquePaisley Raye Jade Top


As the cold temperatures leave us for the season, it’s only fair that sleeves disappear with them. Vests have been sent down the runway as a staple piece for spring 2019, and it looks like designers are expecting this to be the next big piece that everyone is going to love.


From shoes to shirts, expect to see bows popping up on all items of clothing. Bows have always been incorporated into fashion for years, however, they will be out more than ever this spring. Not only will bows be present on tops and jumpsuits, expect them to be present in shoes.


Fringe has been off and on trend for years, however, it is due for another popularity surge in Spring fashion 2019. We're all familiar with fringe cowboy boots and as this trend has lost traction, another fringe fashion wave is rapidly approaching. From shirts, pants and even jackets, fringe will be on many of the pieces that will occupy your favorite stores.


Exciting, eye-catching pops of neon colors are delightful additions to any outfit. However, prepare yourself to see full outfits with neon colors. These colors are definitely not for those who enjoy blending in. But if you like to stand out, then this trend is right up your alley.

Puffy Shoulders

Puffy Sleeves and Shoulders on outfits have often been recognized as a staple of old-fashioned outfits. However, it looks like they are being revamped this Spring. Fashion designers have been adding these puffy shoulders to their dresses and shirts, and while they are eye-catching, they are definitely not for everyone.

Sequined Outfits

Sequins have slowly but surely been added to clothing, but designers are careful not to feature them as an overpowering aspect. Designers have sent fully sequined dresses and jumpsuits down the runway and they definitely cannot be ignored. Perhaps one of these glitzy numbers will find its way into your closet too.


With all of these trends on the horizon for this spring season, you have plenty of options to spice up your closet with. Luckily, most of our 2019 fashion trend forecast can be easily combined and you will be able to create a staple outfit that will make you stand out from the rest.

I'm looking forward to introducing you to even more of these trends in our Paisley Raye lineup this Spring. Be the first to get dibs on all of the new inventory in my community group, HERE

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