We are making some big changes!

Sooo.... I did something. Something kind of big. Something kind of crazy. Ya'll, I quit LuLaRoe.

Before you freak out, let me fill you in on all of the "what's", the "why's", and most importantly, What is Next! 

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LuLaRoe! The time spent growing my business has taught me so much and has provided me with opportunities that I will forever be grateful for. I've met amazing customers and retailers along the way, many whom have become some of my closest friends. But, like a lot of relationships in life, somewhere along the way, I just simply outgrew LuLaRoe. 

I began reevaluating my business back in the Fall when we found out we were expecting Baby #2. The days of having a mobile boutique and traveling from event to event every weekend just didn't seem feasible, nor practical, with an infant in tow. Selling the mobile boutique resulted in me needing to downsize my inventory (to be able to accommodate everything in my home), as well as, convert to a 100% online & home based business model since I'd no longer be on the road. 

I was super excited to change things up a bit and refocus on my business which is maybe what allowed me to be open minded to the idea of something completely new! I had an opportunity, an opportunity that I simply couldn't pass up. An opportunity that I knew if I did leave on the table, I would regret. 

I am going to be telling you more about the new company and product line very soon. But, for now, let me tell you that I am ECSTATIC to be on the ground floor of a brand new clothing company that is 100% USA Made! This company allows me to run MY business how I want to run it! That includes, being able to have the boutique feel I've been wanting for my store for so long. I will be carrying accessories and other fun, sassy things in my shop!

I hope that with this announcement you will continue to follow me and the journey of the Simply Sass Boutique! I cannot wait to share with you this new amazing clothing line that I am going to be bringing your way VERY soon!

If you'd like to learn more about Paisley Raye and how you can start your own journey, contact me to learn more <3  

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