Why I Joined Paisley Raye

I've been with Paisley Raye for just over 6 months now. The two questions I hear the most when people find out that I left LuLaRoe for Paisley Raye is, "Why Paisley Raye?" and "What makes them different?" We won't get into the specifics of the many reasons I left LuLaRoe, but here are the reasons why I chose Paisley Raye over all of the other companies out there.  


What is Paisley Raye? 

Paisley Raye is a relatively new direct sales clothing company headquartered in California. The company was started just a few years ago by Ruth and Christi, two new momma's that saw a need for Mom friendly (and, nursing friendly) clothing that was cute, trendy, and functional (Hello, pockets in nearly every dress!!).

Being women designers, they knew how important it was to have clothing that fit the variety of body shapes that are out there. The clothing sizes range from XS-3XL. They are particularly careful to pay special extra attention to the plus-sizes by using different dress forms than what are typically used in other clothing companies. This ensures that the cut of every piece will flatter your figure, no matter your size.


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 Paisley Raye Aster Popover Dress

What is Paisley Raye? 

Paisley Raye offers a variety of styles that are in their permanent collection and remain available all year round. They also release additional seasonal styles throughout the year that are on trend and appropriate for the time of year. I absolutely LOVE this about the company! Not only do the seasonal releases bring us fresh, trendy prints. But, it also ensures that you do not get bored with the styles available in my shop, as I'm always able to bring you something fresh and new!


Paisley Raye, LuLaRoe, Paisley Raye vs LuLaRoe, Piphany vs LuLaRoe, Piphany, Paisley Raye Styles

Paisley Raye Petunia Wrap Dress and Poppy Dress

Why Paisley Raye? 

If all that wasn't icing on the cake, there were a couple of other key pieces that made me take the plunge and make the switch!

1) Paisley Raye is committed to keeping their brand, 100% USA-Made! This makes for a high quality product and keeps jobs in America. As a military kid, this is a big deal to me!

2) I am able to have my own online storefront, with a shopping cart, that you can shop at anytime (No more worrying about Facebook algorithms or sending invoices)! You can shop my website here, 24/7

3) I am not limited on what I can sell in my shop! I can carry other brands in my boutique right alongside Paisley Raye! I currently offer locally made Jewelry, organic coffee, and headbands that support kids with cancer. This allows me to set myself apart from the rest of the pack, but it makes me proud to be able to offer unique items to my clients. 

4) Paisley Raye also provides us with the stock photos for our inventory!!! This piece was a HUGE deal for me as I used to spend upwards of 20 hours a week photographing inventory. I now have that time back with my family! 

5) Not only are the styles right on trend, but the prints are GORGEOUS! I am no longer scared of the shipments I receive, as I know that every single box of inventory I receive will have prints, stripes, and solids that my customers will love! As a result, I am selling more inventory and moving pieces quicker than I ever did with my previous company. 

6) Paisley Raye is a ground floor opportunity! Have you ever felt that you were just a number in a vast sea of retailers? That was me as retailer #50793 with LuLaRoe! Yes, retailer number 50,793! I was one of hundreds of thousands of retailers by the time I left the company. You don't have a voice at the corporate level in a sea that large. When I initially reached out to Paisley Raye to find out if the company was going to be a good fit for me, I was absolutely shocked to find out that I would be having a one-on-one interview with Ruth, the CEO of the company! The CEO! Not only did she answer all of my questions, but she took the time to personally learn about me and my family. I signed on as Stylist #58 that same day. 

7) When I received my initial inventory, there was another box inside with the clothes that had a binder full of pictures of the styles I could offer, pricing information, and my order form. Normal things you would expect to see in your first shipment with a new company. What I did not expect to find, was a handwritten note from Christy and Ruth (our CEO's) AND a dress that they gifted to me in my size that I could wear after my baby was born! Ruth had taken the time to get to know ME on that initial interview and remembered that by the time I received my inventory, my son would have been born. The attention to detail and the relationships that this company is cultivating are absolutely amazing and so hard to find these days. 

Paisley Raye, LuLaRoe, Paisley Raye vs LuLaRoe, Piphany vs LuLaRoe, Piphany, Paisley Raye Styles

How to Join Paisley Raye?

I cannot tell you enough how amazing this ground floor opportunity is! There are a couple of different kit options available which makes it easy to start up for a fraction of the cost of what it cost me to get into LuLaRoe. If you are interested in learning more about the Paisley Raye opportunity, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! I'm happy to answer any and all questions that you may have! 

Now that you know all about this amazing clothing company, I hope that you will check it out!  You can get first dibs on all new inventory in my community group here, or check out my website 24/7 at www.shopthesass.com

Paisley Raye, LuLaRoe, Paisley Raye vs LuLaRoe, Piphany vs LuLaRoe, Piphany, Paisley Raye Styles

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